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My name is Kayla, but I respond to the name "Boo Boo Kitty Fuck." I am a complete weirdo. The greatest things in life are Jay and Silent Bob, music, American Horror Story, and soda.

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getting a test back that you studied for but failed.



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Consent means to give permission.

It is both people’s responsibility to get consent from their partners. Everyone has the right to decide whether they want to have sex or not. 

Consent is…

·        Freely given — no pressure, no manipulation, and no asking if it was ok to do halfway through or after the fact.

·        Informed — telling them about any STDs they should know about, being honest about using condoms and birth control, and being honest about whether you’re sexually active with other people.

·        Something you can take back — it’s ok to stop or change your mind at any time. Saying “yes” once doesn’t mean saying “yes” forever, or “yes” to other sexual activities.

·        Enthusiastic — being excited about it, not just letting it happen.

When people think about consent, “no means no” often comes to mind. But saying “yes” is really important, too. A straight-up “yes!” means that no one has to guess or assume anything, and you’ll know they’re really into it. 



he just left the kids by themselves

well there was a sale in Kitchen Crafts 

i make the same face when doing something


All the guys who were my close friends are (gone). It’s a shame that most of my friends (passed) when they were young….

I wish I could hear Layne Staley sing again.

I wish I could hang out with him.

Mark Lanegan


"Tears that soak a callous heart (…)"

- Layne Staley 


We never tried to follow in the footsteps of a distorted feedback, grunge band. It was only after we changed the name to Alice In Chains and had been jamming on this material for well over a year that bands like Mother Love Bone and Nirvana came out.

Layne Staley

Kerrang 1991


Rare picture 

Jeff Ament stage dive during Alice In Chains “Man In The Box” 

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