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I don't even know what my blog is about

My name is Kayla, but I respond to the name "Boo Boo Kitty Fuck." I am a complete weirdo. The greatest things in life are Jay and Silent Bob, music, American Horror Story, and soda.

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Watch me break and watch me burn. No one is listening, my friends.

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I would put my heart to the trigger to save one innocent.


On this day, July 9th, 1960: Courtney Love was born in San Francisco, CA.

Today’s soundtrack: Hole’s LIVE THROUGH THIS

Today’s screening: THE PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT

Today’s quote: “STOP CHEESE. You know why the Orientals are not fat? ‘Cause they look on cheese as this gross, Western habit – it’s like sour milk LARD. They don’t want anything to fucking do with cheese. If you’re gonna eat cheese, take it out on a picnic, cut it up carefully, and really taste it – with wine or something. Don’t melt it on shit. And I lost 40 POUNDS by not eating cheese. And I even ate a little mayonnaise. All right. Skip the butter and skip the cheese and you will lose weight. I swear to God, Lisa. I was a fat girl my whole life. No one would fuck, and when they did they’d do things like fart in front of me.” - ROLLERDERBY Fanzine (

Today’s ill-advised tattoo:

57 years ago John and Paul meet for the first time on July 6th of 1957, and decide to create the most fucking band in all those years. Thank you Lennon and McCartney 

Kurt Cobain talking about Courtney Love, Brazil. - 1/16/1993.


“He was like my little brother”

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